10 Signs that your warehousing provider is offering you poor services

  • 10  Signs that your warehousing provider is offering you poor services

    10 Signs that your warehousing provider is offering you poor services

    • Dump packages (wet feel boxes), this can cause rust
      You can know your package has been infiltrated by moisture by feeling and using visuals on the packaging box. Some warehousing providers may attempt to re-package in a neater box but this is not ethical. Still you will know as water vapourises and causes rust. Unless your packaging came with a very good waterproof housing
    • Squashed goods — You will recognise them by their looks. They are always somehow flattened. Something does not look right about them as they continue having some flattened look. This is caused due to stuffing. It shows lack of enough ware house inventory.
    • Your packaging looks somewhat old  — Have you ever recieved a package that looks to have been delivered through miles of dusty road. If so, i suggest you go check out your warehousing partner as your packages may be stored in a dusty palce.  dirty warehouse
    • The security at the premises is poor — Poor security at warehousing storage causes lots of delay, theft and inconvenience
    • No insurance — You always have to be in the look out for partners that don’t provide insurance . Disaster may arrive due to fires especially i Africa.
    • No measures for temperature control and ventilation
      Poor Ventilation and abnormal temperatures may cause some packages especially electronic ones to degrade so first. You might have bought something but a week later it acts as if u=you have had it for an entire year.
    • Warehouse has too many personnel
      When a warehouse has a lot of access to it, many things are bound to go wrong. Accidents too can occur where some packages are stamped upon. With a weak chain of command and unorganized warehouse storage, delicate goods may be mixed with other packages which results into damage. Have you ever received broken parcels?
    • Your packages always have insect traces like eggs, shaded skin, waste.
      this is an automatic signal of a warehouse that does not disinfect. No matter how pure a warehouse may be, its good practice to have it periodically disinfected.
    • Package moving tools.
      Ware houses with no machinery like fork lifters to lift some parcels are not to be trusted. Much as humans have the ability to do heavy lifting, Wider packages may be compromised as they can collapse from the middle, where no lifting takes place. Also one mistake is enough to wreck havoc from one person
    • Stock Control and surveillance
      What happens when you go to collect your packages from your warehouse partner. Was the process so easy that you would have sent any stranger and successful still you will be. Good warehouses do a thorough check on all recipients of items to ensure they have the necessary documents


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