Differences Between Parcel Post & Courier Service

  • Differences Between Parcel Post & Courier Service

    Differences Between Parcel Post & Courier Service

    Package delivery is an important component of mail delivery services offered by governments and private enterprises worldwide. When deciding to use standard post or a courier service, patrons should consider reputation, reliability, cost and delivery options, such as pickup and insurance.



    • Standard post service is generally less costly than courier service. In setting their prices, both services consider a package’s size, destination, delivery time needed and options like insurance and delivery confirmation. Standard post’s lower costs are generally based more on a package’s weight than on its dimensions, unless it’s a very large box. Conversely, private courier services are usually franchised businesses run by individuals or families that have significant overhead such as rent, staff and leasing fees on delivery vehicles. Lacking the economies of scale available to the UPS, these services have to mark up the cost of delivery services to pay for the extra overhead costs which is un-avoidable.


    • While both standard post and courier service offer insurance options on delivery items, the source of the insurance differs. Standard post’s insurance is provided by the postal service itself, while most smaller courier services offer their insurance through private companies. Standard post’s insurance rates are also lower than those offered by a private courier service. In fact, some courier services only offer a basic insurance that covers a limited value. Daks Couriers is off that limit.


    • Courier services deliver to residential and business addresses in their delivery area, but cannot deposit anything into UPS mailboxes. The UPS’ standard post delivers packages worldwide. Its domestic deliveries can be made to customers’ mailboxes at their homes or businesses, as well as to customers’ post office boxes in UPS facilities. Some couriers specialize in sensitive items; special medical delivery couriers, for example, transport human organs for transplant.

    Packing Service

    • Although you can purchase packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, labels and tape at the post office, standard post does not include a packing service. It is your responsibility to pack your own packages either at the post office, at home or at your place of business. Some courier services will offer to pack an item for an additional charge, and courier facilities, like the UPS Store, will pack your shipment as a routine service..

    Other Services

    • To remain viable in a marketplace where couriers compete with giant organizations like the USPS, FedEx, and UPS, smaller courier services offer other services to attract customers. Daks Couriers offers a Quick Delivery, for instance, offers pickup services from big box stores, charging customers far less than the stores’ delivery charge. Few courier services also offer such services as tracking shipments on GPS or Google Maps, online reporting, instant email alerts and electronic signature capture, more reason to use Daks Couriers as your number one courier in uganda
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