Discover 8 things you probably didn’t know needed transporting in a refrigerated van

  • Discover 8 things you probably didn’t know needed transporting in a refrigerated van

    Discover 8 things you probably didn’t know needed transporting in a refrigerated van

    If you thought that refrigerated vans are only needed for transporting fresh fruits, fish, diary products, meats and vegetables, then think again. Any chilled courier will tell you that, although transporting fresh food produce is a key part of their businesses, there are lots of other categories who have already started to realise the need for temperature controlled transport.

    Discover 8 things you probably didn’t know needed transporting in a refrigerated van:


    Ok this one may be more obvious than others on the list, but temperature controlled transport is essential for the pharmaceutical industry. Given the high value of many drugs, loss prevention is a vital concern. In order to stay effective pharmaceuticals must be maintained at controlled temperature throughout the supply chain.

    Chemicals and engineered materials

    Heat during transportation can also have a serious affect on chemicals and can cause them to become dangerous. Using refrigerated vans for transportation ensures the products reach customers safely and in good condition. Batteries, wires and circuitry boards can also face heat damage if they are transported at the incorrect temperatures. Extreme heat can lead to fire or even an explosion!

    Organs and blood

    Preserving organs and blood during transportation requires sub-normal temperatures in order to reduce metabolic demands and slow the rate of organ cell death. It also requires a narrow window for transport as, the more time that passes, the more damage occurs; if too much time elapses, organs will become unusable.

    Fine art and antiques

    It is very important that fine art and antiques travel in a cool, dry environment. As many of these items have a delicate finish they can can be ruined if transported in a van that is too warm. Standard shipping containers are generally about 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature, so if these goods are transported in a warm environment, the use of refrigerated vans is highly recommended.


    Roses and daisies don’t stay fresh all by themselves. Flowers, ferns and ivies all enjoy extended shelf lives because they move from field to florist shop in the back of refrigerated vans. Keeping flowers at a cool temperature helps them last much longer.

    Cosmetics and perfumes

    Cosmetics and perfumes are also prevented from spoilage with temperature controlled transportation. Lipstick and mascaras can all easily melt and perfume are also in danger of spoiling or turning sour if temperature conditions are not favourable.

    Tobacco products

    Freshness and quality in many expensive tobacco products, such as cigarettes and cigars, can be affected if they are not transported in a van with strictly controlled temperature and humidity. The use of refrigerated vans ensure that tobacco products reach the final destination and maintain a high quality.


    Cakes also need temperature controlled transportation. If temperature conditions are not favourable, cake icing could melt or the innital quality from baking could be compromised

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