Importing to Uganda? What does a customs clearance agent do?

  • Importing to Uganda? What does a customs clearance agent do?

    Importing to Uganda? What does a customs clearance agent do?

    One day you decide that you have seen a product, that you believe will change the lives of Ugandan consumers. You come up with a great business plan, find manufactures to build your products. Then, you find out that, to be competitive in the Ugandan market, you need to manufacture your products overseas. What happens now? All your products need to be imported to Uganda. Suddenly there is a huge change in your plan. Now you need to find out the best way to get it here.
    You might think I’ve done all this planning in starting the business, got the end products all worked out, Last thing I need to worry about now is importing to Uganda. Your company is a lean start-up, you are the boss, the manager and most likely the bookkeeper. You don’t have time to worry about a supply chain. As a new start-up you have to visit your potential customers, try to get new orders for the products etc. importing goods in to Uganda and getting goods cleared could potentially be a huge hassle for you.
    Rest assured, this is where a customs clearence agents such as Daks Couriers Limited can be of assistance.
    A customs clearance agent can provide you with an end to end importing and customs clearance solution. Not all customs clearance agents are alike. It’s important that you find the correct customs clearance agent to import your products. Yes, you might think “Well, it’s merely just a service, how could two agents be different?” Well, You are importing your products because you know that you can provide a better product to Ugandan consumers, you create value with the products you sell. It’s the same with customs clearance agents. A customs clearance agent or customs broker such as Daks Couriers Limited has a wealth of knowledge under their belts. Daks Couriers Limited has been in the industry servicing importing clients for over 15 years. That’s the difference. Daks Couriers Limited has the experience and knowledge that some other clearance agents might not have.
    Something that is important to know is that, importing and customs clearance is not a one size fits all solution. Yes, you will find brokers and agents saying “Here you go, please see our rates below” without even understanding your business. Daks Couriers Limited does not have small, medium and large plans. For them, every single importer is different, their requirements are different. That’s why they have a personal approach to ensure that each quotation, each service is looked at meticulously. That is why you need to ensure that the right customs clearance agent has been chosen to import and clear your consignments. Now, isn’t that a relief that you can leave your importing and customs clearance issues to an experienced clearing agent with decades of experience? Daks Couriers Limited has seen generations of customs brokers. If that does not put you mind to ease, I’m not sure what will.
    To sum up, when importing to Australia you need to look out for the following:

    • ✓ An experienced customs clearance agent.
    • ✓ A personalised quotation for your import.
    • ✓ Insurance for your goods.
    If you decide to use a broker or clearing agent such as Daks Couriers Limited, you know you are in good hands.

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