Labeling and documents for international transport

  • Labeling and documents for international transport

    Labeling and documents for international transport

    Whatever international transportation you use, there are common documents that you may need to complete:

    • The Single Administrative Document (SAD or customs form C88) is the customs document for export, import and goods transiting the EU. For more information on SAD completion, see the guide on declarations and the Single Administrative Document.
    • The Standard Shipping Note (SSN) to help port authorities process your consignments. The SSN should accompany deliveries – whether as general cargo, unit load or containerised) from factories or warehouses to inland clearance depots, groupage depots, ports, airports and other cargo terminals.
    • If the goods are dangerous, as defined by the UN Hazard code, they must be accompanied by a dangerous goods declaration – the Dangerous Goods Note.
    • If using a freight forwarder or carrier, you should complete an Export Cargo Shipping Instruction (ECSI).

    See the guide on international trade paperwork.

    Shipping to EU and non-EU countries

    There are a number of systems in use across Europe designed to help you transport your goods. These include the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) and the Transports Internationaux Routiers (TIR) transit procedure. Find the detail on NCTS in the guide on using the NCTS to move goods across the EU and EFTA countries and on TIR in the guide on the TIR test for taking goods vehicles outside the EU.


    You will need to use correct labelling and shipping marks to ensure smooth processing of your goods. The consignment itself must be labelled with its destination. If your goods are being consolidated, ensure that your own consignment is individually labelled, as it will be shipped along with other business’ goods. Download a guide to shipping container labelling from the Book Industry Study Group website (PDF, 2.05MB).

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