Reasons to Use a 3rd Party Warehousing Logistics Provider

  • Reasons to Use a 3rd Party Warehousing Logistics Provider

    Reasons to Use a 3rd Party Warehousing Logistics Provider

    Many Supply Chain Benefits To Using Daks Couriers Warehousing
    Are you finally at the stage where you’re expanding your business and stretching into new territories and markets? Have you reached a point where you need to warehouse supplies or merchandise? Before you rent a truck and lease warehouse space, consider using a third party warehousing logistics provider to take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Flexibility. You will not be tied into a long-term lease, and you only pay for the warehousing space you use.
    • Reduced staffing needs. Rather than fill and ship orders yourself, the provider manages these logistics, and you avoid adding warehouse jobs to your payroll.
    • Expertise. Your business is your passion. Packing and shipping boxes… not so much. Utilize the logistics expertise of your provider, and maintain focus on the core business that’s gotten you this far. As one high-powered CEO once famously advised: “If you can be number one or number two in a market, don’t compete.“ In other words, stick to your knitting, and tap the expertise of real warehousing pros.
    • Supply Chain Links. Your provider is an integral part of the entire supply chain and maintains direct connections with national and global markets. Why not leverage these connections to expand your own business?
    • Cost Savings. A quality, experienced warehousing and logistics provider should have hundreds of clients, and thus should be able to achieve economies of scale on packing supplies, shipping costs, insurance, and staff. Take advantage of these cost reductions to improve your bottom line.
    • Convenience. It would be more convenient and cost effective if your provider offers specialized logistics, transport and warehousing services. By specialized I really mean it. Not just finding a transportation company that have temporary storage for offloading and call that warehousing. The business wing has to be dedicated to warehousing and must have all the ethics, tools and experience in handling various packages.
    • Ethical and High quality care. When using a dedicated warehousing partner, You can be sure that you and your goods will never go through some of the most traumatizing experiences in logistics.
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