The S670 STS combine harvester

  • The S670 STS combine harvester

    The S670 STS combine harvester

    Our strong commitment of transporting big cargo safely from any part of the world is unchallenged in Uganda. The reason why John Deere trusted us with the latest S670 combine harvester 2015. Our long transportation history with John Deer is a clear sign that we can handle any type of cargo and deliver what we promise on time.

    But what is this harvester?


    The S670 combine harvester year 2015 is capable of header sizes of 40-ft platforms and up to 12-row corn heads. The S670 has many built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier in a medium to large size crop. This is among the latest and biggest product in John Deer family.


    Daks Courier team took all necessary safety measures to package this treasure from South Africa to Masindi Uganda and on time.

    We believe people buy such products to save time and make daily work simple to increase production. The reason why we give undivided attention to what we transport, no time wasting and damages on product

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      • Eric
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