Who needs refrigerated logistics services, what to look out for.

  • Who needs refrigerated logistics services, what to look out for.

    Who needs refrigerated logistics services, what to look out for.

    Who Needs A Refrigerated Van?

    With the hot climatic condition in Uganda, having a vehicle that can keep products chilled and frozen is important for a lot of businesses out there.

    Fishmongers, event caterers, mobile chefs and butchers are among perfect fits for refrigerated vans.
    Even florists can benefit from our van logistics rental because they can keep their flowers lasting fresher for longer, particularly if they are facing a long day of deliveries.

    Owning your own refrigerated van can allow you to incorporate your own brand or logo on the side of your vehicle.

    Owning a refrigerated van can be a heavy investment, but we offer competitive prices for refrigerated logistic services in Uganda.

    Things To Look For In A New Refrigerated Vehicle

    Does your business rely on having refrigerated transport to help you transport goods from A to B? If so, choosing a reliable, efficient and effective refrigerated vehicle should be high on your priority list. Whether you are looking for refrigerated vehicle hire or looking to purchase a fridge van conversion here are some things you should look for.

    What van will best suit your needs?

    Chiller/fridge van, dual temperature / dual compartment van, freezer van and so on. Depending on the type of goods that you will be transporting will ultimately dictate the type of refrigerated vehicle that you will need.

    Remember certain food products will need to be transported at different temperatures so this is something that you need to be aware of.

    Will you need a defrosting system?

    If you are going to need to defrost your goods then make sure you get a refrigerated vehicle that has the capability to do this. You would not normally defrost your products in the vehicle. The defrost system is installed to keep the fridge unit from iceing up and is a necessary function of the fridge

    What will be the whole life cost of owning a refrigerated vehicle?

    If you are considering buying a refrigerated vehicle,it is important to calculate the whole life cost of the vehicle. This will include vehicle depreciation, road tax, vehicle servicing, tyres, finance costs etc. Sometimes a refrigerated vehicle logistics rental scheme might suit your needs better and be more cost effective. Daks Couriers can offer its refrigerated van to handle your logistics needs

    Refrigerated Vehicle Rental

    Welcome to Daks Couriers Refrigerated Logistics Services, your first choice for refrigerated vehicle logistics in Uganda

    (Talk about our cars)

    Specialising in chilled and frozen product handling, large and small, we can help with all your chilled transportation needs. Whether you need to hire a refrigerated vehicle for a few days or on longer-term contract hire; Daks Couriers can help. Our local, friendly service has gained us customers including major supermarkets, food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and local retailers.

    Offering a collect and return service, flexible rental terms, and years of experience catering for the transport refrigeration needs of our customers means that a call to Daks Couriers Refrigerated services can solve your requirements. We can also meet your new or current refrigerated logistics requirements.

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