Daks’ 5 golden rules of e‑commerce
  • Rule #1 Avoid clutter –

Keep your site clean and unfussy, even if you’re running a discount warehouse. Resist the urge to load your landing page with everything you can think of. Go easy on fonts, flashes and pop-ups.

  • Rule #2 Offer ‘free’ delivery

    It’s not always possible, but it will boost sales. Obviously ‘free’ means the cost of delivery is absorbed elsewhere, but it’s still a key selling point. And if you offer it, flaunt it, with a mention on your home page and in your ads.

  • Rule #3 Run a secure site

    Publish your customer privacy policy and display your SSL certificate symbol, and consider using established e-commerce platforms such as Shopify.

  • Rule #4 Don’t hide charges

    It’s a familiar story: a customer is heading happily to the checkout when they get hit with the shipping fees and bam! … they get cold feet. Delivery charges are the biggest cause of abandoned shopping carts. E-commerce platform Shopify has three possible solutions: offer free shipping with a specified minimum order amount, absorb the fees into the price of your products and do away with them altogether or install a tool that allows customers to input their details and get real-time shipping quotes. Just remember, transparency is king.

  • Rule #5 Go the extra mile

    Include a free gift with a customer’s first order, add a little extra to refunds, send handwritten thank-you cards to new customers. They’re all quick and easy things you can do to spread goodwill and encourage repeat custom.

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